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Warehouse and Distribution Management


- Grade 12 or equivalentOR- Mature student status (18 years of age or older) and a passing score on the entrance examination

Benefits of this program

- Enter a field with a $33/hour median wage- Accelerated course times so you can graduate quickly- Industry-experienced instructors focus on the most relevant information to your program

Employment Opportunities

- Warehouse Supervisor- Fulfillment Supervisor/Co-ordinatorMy instructor was understanding and always there to help. He understood what he was teaching and had experience in the field.- Operations Manager- Area Manager- Depot Manager- Flow Lead- Team Lead

You can get the flexible and convenient training you need to ensure goods and services keep flowing to the customers who need them. Through this online program, you will gain the skills and knowledge for an in-demand logistics career.

In less than a year of study, you’ll learn everything you need to know about negotiation, transportation, demand planning, procurement, and other essential topics. In addition to your 100% online course work, you’ll also gain real-world experience during a seven-week practicum placement.

The warehousing and distribution sector is an integral part of the supply chain industry, which is one of the largest employers in Canada. Close to a million people are employed in occupations directly related to it and it is expected to steadily grow in the future, offering tens of thousands of new positions every year.


Qestions & Answers

The role of Warehouse and Distribution Management involves overseeing the efficient and effective storage, handling, and transportation of goods within a warehouse or distribution center. Professionals in this field are responsible for managing various aspects of the supply chain to ensure that products are stored, picked, packed, and shipped in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Here are essential skills for professionals in this field:

Communication,Inventory management,Leadership,Teamwork,Organisation,Skills,Time management,Enhanced Safety,Flexibility,Good warehouse safety knowledge,Safety procedures,Computer proficiency,Eagerness to learn,Organisational skills,Quality management,Receiving goods,Safety regulations,Team leadership,An ability to emphasize associate training,Budget management,Communicate with clients,Computer skills,Customer satisfaction,Data analysis.

Here are some common tasks performed by professionals in Warehouse and Distribution Management:

Inventory Management,Order Fulfillment,Warehouse Layout and Design,Team Management,Technology Implementation,Performance Monitoring and Reporting,Quality Control,Safety Compliance,Supplier and Carrier Coordination,Continuous Improvement,Cost Management,Cross-Functional Collaboration,Returns Management,Capacity Planning,Regulatory Compliance

While some jobs are obtainable with only a high school diploma or its equivalent, it would be greatly beneficial for you to enroll in at least a certificate program; here, you could learn how to create an efficient layout of the available floor space, how to assign roles and responsibilities, and how to manage inventory. Some warehouse management careers require you to have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in logistics or a related field.

Here are common career advancement paths and opportunities in Warehouse and Distribution Management:

Senior Warehouse and Distribution Manager,Director of Logistics or Distribution,Vice President of Supply Chain or Operations,Chief Operating Officer (COO),Entrepreneurship,Cross-Functional Roles,Global Roles,Specialization,Education and Training,Certifications and Continuous Learning,Networking and Industry Involvement,Technology Leadership,Strategic Planning Roles,Mentorship and Leadership Development

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