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Social Media Marketing


- Grade 12 or equivalentOR- Mature student status (18 years of age or older) and a passing score on the entrance examination

Benefits of this program

- Learn Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and emerging platforms - Instructors can connect you with other people in the industry

Employment Opportunities

- Brand Ambassador- Digital Media Sales- Digital Media Marketing- Social Media Coordinator- Social Media Marketing- Social Media Specialist

If you’re looking for a flexible and convenient way to train for a career in digital marketing and social media, the online Social Media Marketing diploma program at Rumi Academy is for you.

Job-Ready Training on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
With the media landscape evolving on an almost daily basis, your ability to understand how to create winning marketing campaigns and adapt those campaigns to different channels is a vital skill that will make you invaluable to a marketing team.

Studying in our virtual classroom, you’ll get the skills to excel in key areas of online marketing, including effective business writing, content creation and outreach, digital strategy and planning, analytics and future trends, and more.

Become a Social Media Marketer
The program includes a 120-hour practicum placement, where you’ll get the opportunity to work with seasoned marketing professionals and gain an understanding of the skills and competencies they use every day.

Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to start work in various entry-level digital marketing, digital media sales, and social media marketing roles.


Qestions & Answers

The role of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to use social media platforms and networks as a strategic marketing tool to promote products, services, brands, or content. Social Media Marketing aims to connect with the target audience, build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and achieve specific business objectives.

Here are the essential skills for Social Media Marketing:

Excellent Communication,Creativity,Writing Ability,Content Curation,Project Management,Aptitude to Learn,Marketing,Flexibility,Strategic Thinking,Relationship Building,Community Management,Analytical Skills,Social Media Listening,Branding,Ethics

Common tasks performed by social marketing include:

Research and Analysis,Behavior Change Campaigns,Message Development,Media Planning and Placement,Content Creation,Community Engagement,Monitoring and Evaluation,Advocacy and Partnerships,Feedback Mechanisms,Education and Awareness Programs,Social Media Management,Crisis Management

The educational requirements for becoming a Social Media Marketer can vary, and the field often values a combination of education, skills, and practical experience. While there is no strict educational path.

Social Media Marketing offers various career advancement opportunities for individuals who demonstrate expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking. Some of the potential career advancement paths include:

Senior Social Media Specialist/Manager, Digital Marketing Manager/Director, Content Marketing Manager/Director, Brand Manager, Marketing Director/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Entrepreneurship, Specialization in Emerging Trends, Educator/Trainer, Consultant, Global or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Roles

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